Auto Injuries

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Were you recently the victim of a car wreck? The list of things to do after a wreck can be overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact, that some people put off obtaining proper health care when they need it most because things like fixing the damage to the car and handling insurance companies take precedent. Without proper care, these injuries can have a serious impact on your health, leading to months or even years of chronic pain. That’s why at My Momentum Chiropractic we treat car accident injuries including whiplash, back pain, and neck pain at no cost to the victim, no matter the outcome. Dr. Josh uses chiropractic care combined with muscle work, ligament traction and massage to make sure his patients receive the very best pain management and rehabilitation.
Most car accident victims feel immediate discomfort in their muscles, but what many don’t know is that whiplash also affects your joints and ligaments. Some don’t even realize they have whiplash until days, weeks, even months after an accident. The first 72 hours after trauma are crucial because your body is trying to lay down scar tissue. Untreated, this scar tissue can develop improperly which may restrict the movement in the neck and back in the future.
Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in automobile accidents. It occurs during the impact of your accident when your neck is forcibly "whipped" back and forth and side-to-side past its normal range of motion. When it comes to whiplash, adjustments to the neck are crucial to regain movement in the joints of the spine and to take pressure off of those delicate nerves of the body. People who are experiencing headaches, pain that runs down the arm, leg or shoulder can get amazing relief that is fast and lasting.
Getting your momentum back is easy using Dr. Josh’s unique 3-step process which incorporates the most up-to-date advances in chiropractic and physical therapy treatments.
1. SET the bones in their proper alignment after thorough exam, medical history, accident detail and x-ray to restore function and ensure that there is no nervous system damage.
2. STRENGTHEN and stretch stiff, imbalanced muscles that have been caused by whiplash or direct trauma.
3. SHAPE your ligaments using traction and at-home exercise to help accelerate the healing process and hold change after treatment.

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