Children and Infants

Children and chiropractic: what a beautiful thing! The first two years of life are the most crucial time of brain development. Did you know the brain grows 2-3 times its birth size in the first two years? In the first year 1000’s of synapses are connecting at each neuron! The birthing process can be a very stressful experience on a baby’s spine. Assisted deliveries, including: C-sections, forceps, vacuum and induction procedures increase the chance of neurological damage to the infant's spine and nervous system. While many of these traumas go undetected at the time of occurrence diverse symptoms and conditions can occur later in life as a result of these uncorrected subluxation patterns. Damage in these instances often occurs to the upper cervical (neck) spine and brain stem but traumatization of other levels of the spine are also prevalent. Each year in America about 30 million adjustments are performed on children. It’s safe, gentle and the best way to ensure a healthy brain and spine! Check out Dr. Josh with some of his favorite little patients!